Best RV shower head 2023

Welcome to our guide of the best RV shower heads of 2023! After months of rigorous testing, we have compiled the ultimate list of shower heads to make sure your RV camping experience will always be refreshing! So, leave it to us, and you’ll never be stuck with a second-rate shower head again.

Best RV shower head 2023

  1. Oxygenics 26488 RV Shower(Editor’s Pick)
  2. Oxygenics 92489 Fury RV Shower(Best Overall)
  3. GOOLIFEE RV Shower Head(Budget Friendly)
  4. PIH RV Shower Head
  5. Builders Shoppe 4120WT RV/ Shower 
  6. GOOLIFEE Handheld RV Shower Head

1) Oxygenics 26488 RV Shower

Best RV shower head

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The Oxygenics 26488 RV Shower’s strong jet boosts water pressure for a refreshing shower. Enjoy a refreshing shower without poor water flow. The setting control lets you tailor your shower experience by easily adjusting water flow.

Saving Water

Oxygenics 26488 RV Showers save water and function well. The showerhead has a pause mode to save water while you wash or shave. This function helps RV owners save water when traveling. The Oxygenics 26488 RV Shower lets you shower while conserving water.

Simple Maintenance

Oxygenics 26488 RV Shower makes showerhead cleaning easy. Its non-stick coating minimizes bacteria and germ development, making cleaning easy. Say goodbye to scrubbing and welcome to an easy-to-clean showerhead.

Minimalist Design

The Oxygenics 26488 RV Shower blends with any RV bathroom. Its spherical form and compact dimensions (9.02″L x 4.81″W) make it ideal for tiny bathrooms without reducing water pressure. Its trendy metallic finish provides style to your RV bathroom.

Installation and Fit

Oxygenics 26488 RV Shower installation is simple. Its 1.4-pound weight makes it easy to place on any RV bathroom wall. This product fits most RV showers with its 11.86 x 6.42 x 0.01 inch dimensions and 26488 model number.

RV Shower Upgrade Today

For a luxurious RV shower, the Oxygenics 26488 RV Shower is a must-have. Its forceful water flow, non-stick coating, water-saving features, and quick installation make it a good RV bathroom investment. Enjoy refreshing travel showers with the Oxygenics 26488 RV Shower. Don’t miss this stylish, efficient, and effective showerhead.

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Oxygenics 26488 RV Shower First Hand Review Video

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  1. Lightweight at only 1.4 pounds
  2. Non-stick finish makes cleaning a breeze
  3. Offers a pause setting for water conservation
  4. Compact size and round shape fit well in smaller RV bathrooms
  5. Powerful water flow with one jet maximizes shower experience



Brand ETL
Shape Round
Finish Type non stick
Setting Type pause
Installation Type Wall Mounted
Color Metallic

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2) Oxygenics 92489 Fury RV Shower

Best RV shower head

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Durable rubber nozzles prevent hard water accumulation in the Oxygenics 92489 Fury RV Shower. This guarantees a long-lasting shower head and easy maintenance. Clog-free showers let you relax.

Personalize Your Shower

Finger-tip control lets you manage shower water flow and temperature. Choose a soft cascade or an energizing spray to customize your shower. Oxygenics 92489 Fury RV Shower is customizable.

Elegant and Efficient

Oxygenics 92489 Fury RV Shower: the ultimate shower experience. Its brushed nickel finish makes your RV bathroom a resort. The rain setting creates a relaxing shower experience. Showering relieves tension.

Space-Saving and Easy Installation

The round Oxygenics 92489 Fury RV Shower is 12.36″L x 5.53″W and may be wall-mounted. It’s small enough to fit in your RV bathroom. Installations are now simple.

Water Efficiency

Oxygenics 92489 Fury RV Showers are elegant and water-efficient. Its low-flow design lets you shower comfortably while conserving water. This shower head helps the environment without sacrificing shower quality.

Oxygenics 92489 Fury RV Shower Conclusion

Oxygenics 92489 Fury is the best RV shower head. For RV owners who value quality and style, its rain setting, brushed nickel finish, and low-flow construction make it essential. The Oxygenics 92489 Fury RV Shower will make your RV bathroom a luxurious oasis.

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Oxygenics 92489 Fury RV Shower First Hand Review Video

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  1. Rain setting provides a luxurious and relaxing shower experience
  2. Brushed nickel finish adds elegance and sophistication
  3. Low-flow design conserves water while still providing a satisfying shower experience
  4. Lightweight and easy to handle at only 1.76 pounds
  5. Wall-mounted design makes for easy installation



Brand ETL
Shape Round
Material Nickel
Finish Type Brushed
Setting Type Rain

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3) GOOLIFEE RV Shower Head

Best RV shower head

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GOOLIFEE RV Shower Heads provide great water pressure and flow. This RV shower head uses innovative technology to provide a steady, strong spray of water. Say goodbye to weak, unsatisfying showers. Every shower is rejuvenating with the GOOLIFEE RV Shower Head.

Adjustable Spray Patterns

The GOOLIFEE RV Shower Head designers know that everyone has different shower preferences. That’s why they designed changeable spray patterns. This shower head offers soft mist or focussed spray. To personalize your shower, just modify spray patterns.

Simple Setup and Maintenance

Even novices can install the GOOLIFEE RV Shower Head. The shower head includes an easy-to-follow installation guide. It also works with most RV shower hoses, simplifying installation.

GOOLIFEE RV Shower Head maintenance is easy. Its corrosion- and clog-resistant materials endure.

Conserving Water

The water-efficient GOOLIFEE RV Shower Head offers a great shower experience. Its flow restrictor saves water without compromising shower quality. Traveling need this function to increase your water supply and decrease refills.


GOOLIFEE RV Shower Heads are the best RV shower upgrades. This shower head has high water pressure, flexible spray patterns, quick installation, minimal maintenance, and water-saving features for a great travel shower. Say goodbye to subpar showers and welcome to RV bathroom luxury. Buy the GOOLIFEE RV Shower Head now to improve your showering experience.

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GOOLIFEE RV Shower Head First Hand Review Video

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  1. Multiple settings, including rain, massage, rain+massage, and pause
  2. Strong water flow with a rate of 2.5 gallons per minute at 80 PSI
  3. Easy installation with wall-mounted design
  4. Comes with a 59-inch hose length for ample room during showering and cleaning
  5. Modern and sleek design fits well with any contemporary RV decor



Style Modern
Shape Round
Material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Finish Type Painted

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4) PIH RV Shower Head

Best RV shower head

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The PIH RV Shower Head increases water pressure substantially. Low water pressure may frustrate RVers and campers. This unique shower head eliminates weak water streams and revitalizes your shower experience.

Excellent Versatility and Usability

The PIH RV Shower Head is flexible and easy to use. It can be installed on many RVs without tools. This shower head fits into motorhome, travel trailer, and camper van shower systems.

Compromise-Free Water Conservation

Today’s eco-conscious world values water conservation. The water-saving PIH RV Shower Head performs well. Optimizing water flow maximizes water efficiency and shower satisfaction. Enjoy a wonderful shower while conserving water.

Long-Term Durability

The PIH RV Shower Head is made of high materials to survive RV travel. Its durable structure makes it a reliable travel companion for your next trips. This shower head performs well every time.

Personalize Your Shower

Customize the PIH RV Shower Head. Its changeable spray patterns let you choose between a light mist and a strong spray for comfort. This shower head offers both peaceful and vigorous showers.

Easy Setup

Even novices can install the PIH RV Shower Head. Follow the directions to install your new shower head. No need for an expert or complex installations. Enjoy easy setup.

RV Shower Makeover Today

PIH RV Shower Heads improve RV showering. It’s great for RV bathrooms because to its high water pressure, adaptability, water-saving design, durability, and customization. The PIH RV Shower Head will upgrade your vacation showers.

The PIH RV Shower Head improves water pressure and showers. Order now for the best RV shower experience!

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PIH RV Shower Head First Hand Review Video

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  1. Powerful spray shooting provides a strong and consistent water flow
  2. Offers both rain and massage settings for a customized shower experience
  3. Pause setting allows for water conservation
  4. Easy installation with wall-mounted design
  5. Lightweight design makes it easy to handle during installation



Brand PIH
Shape Round
Setting Type Rain, Massage
Installation Method Wall Mounted
Color Light Yellow

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5) Builders Shoppe 4120WT RV/ Shower

Best RV shower head

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The Builders Shoppe 4120WT RV Shower Head has several spray patterns for a customized, pleasurable shower. This shower head offers a gentle rain-like shower or a heavier spray. Spray patterns allow you control water flow, making every shower enjoyable.

Water-Saving Design

The Builders Shoppe 4120WT knows RVers must save water. This shower head conserves water. You may take eco-friendly showers by optimizing water flow and reducing waste.

Easy Setup

Remove difficult and time-consuming installs. The Builders Shoppe 4120WT RV Shower Head has an easy-to-install mounting bracket. This shower head fits any RV pipe, making installation easy. It can be installed fast and cheaply without a professional.

Cheap and Effective

The Builders Shoppe 4120WT RV Shower Head fits your budget. This bronze-textured shower head is affordable and practical. Despite its low cost, it’s high-quality.

Soothing Showers

The Builders Shoppe 4120WT shower head stands out with its rain setting. After a long day of exploring, take a soothing shower here. Travel with a luxurious rain-like shower.

Lightweight, Space-Saving

The Builders Shoppe 4120WT RV Shower Head weighs 12.8 ounces and is simple to install on any RV bathroom wall. Its 2″L x 2″W dimension makes it suitable for RV bathrooms with limited space. Functional shower heads don’t take up bathroom space.

Fits Any RV Decor

White Builders Shoppe 4120WT RV Shower Heads match any RV design. This shower head will match your RV’s bathroom decor, contemporary or classic. This attractive and useful addition will upgrade your RV bathroom.


Finally, RVers looking for a versatile, convenient, and water-saving shower head may choose the Builders Shoppe 4120WT RV Shower Head. Its vast choice of spray patterns, water-saving design, hassle-free installation, affordability, rain setting, lightweight construction, space-saving nature, and perfect integration with any RV décor make it unbeatable. The Builders Shoppe 4120WT improves RV bathing on a budget.

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Builders Shoppe 4120WT RV/ Shower First Hand Review Video

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  1. Affordable option for those on a budget
  2. Rain setting provides a gentle and soothing shower experience
  3. Lightweight design makes it easy to handle and install
  4. Compact and space-saving option for smaller RV bathrooms
  5. Easy installation process makes it a great option for anyone to install in their RV



Brand Builders Shoppe
Shape Round
Material Plastic
Finish Type Bronze
Setting Type Rain
Color White Finish

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6) GOOLIFEE Handheld RV Shower HeadBest RV shower head

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The RVer-friendly GOOLIFEE Handheld RV Shower Head. Its portable shape makes shampooing and rinsing simple, making it ideal for travel. No more motorhome showering struggles.

Improved Safety

The GOOLIFEE Handheld RV Shower Head prioritizes safety. Its safety capmer prevents scorching. This smart function keeps the shower head at a safe temperature, avoiding accidents and discomfort.

DIY RV installation

Even non-plumbers can install the GOOLIFEE Handheld RV Shower Head. No plumber is needed since the kit contains all the pieces and instructions. Easy DIY shower head installation saves time and money.

Compact Portability

RV space is valuable. The portable GOOLIFEE Handheld RV Shower Head recognizes this. Its portable shape maximizes bathroom space. Convenience and freedom replace cramped showers.

Customizable Modern Design

The GOOLIFEE Handheld RV Shower Head is useful and stylish. Its stainless steel and ABS construction integrates with any modern RV design.

Its programmable settings distinguish this shower head. Rain, massage, rain+massage, and pause options let you customize your shower. The GOOLIFEE Handheld RV Shower Head provides a relaxing massage or mild rain.

Stable Water Flow

The GOOLIFEE Handheld RV Shower Head delivers on water flow. Its 2.5 gallons per minute at 80 PSI water flow offers a delightful shower every time. Enjoy a refreshing shower without insufficient water pressure.

Small RV Bathrooms Install Easily

Despite their small size, RV bathrooms may be luxurious. Wall-mounted GOOLIFEE Handheld RV Shower Heads are ideal for compact areas. It fits effortlessly into your bathroom at 8.27″L x 3.54″W, optimizing space without compromising comfort.

Easy to Carry

Install hefty shower heads without straining. The 1.01-pound GOOLIFEE Handheld RV Shower Head is lightweight. Its lightweight design makes installation simple.

Comfortable Hose Length

The GOOLIFEE Handheld RV Shower Head has a long 59-inch hose for easy movement while showering. Showering will be more pleasurable without confined showers. Extended hoses make RV bathroom cleaning simpler.


GOOLIFEE Handheld RV Shower Heads improve RV showers. Due to its practical and easy-to-use design, increased safety features, programmable settings, and powerful water flow, RVers searching for a luxurious shower may choose it. Its easy installation, mobility, and modern design will transform your RV bathroom into a spa. Get the GOOLIFEE Handheld RV Shower Head for the best road showering experience.

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GOOLIFEE Handheld RV Shower Head First Hand Review Video

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  1. Multiple settings, including rain, massage, rain+massage, and pause
  2. Strong water flow with a rate of 2.5 gallons per minute at 80 PSI
  3. Easy installation with wall-mounted design
  4. Comes with a 59-inch hose length for ample room during showering and cleaning
  5. Modern and sleek design fits well with any contemporary RV decor



Style Modern
Shape Round
Material Stainless Steel, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Finish Type Chrome
Setting Type Rain,Massage,Rain+Massage, Pause

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Best RV shower head 2023-Complete Buying Guide

When choosing the best RV shower head for your vehicle, there are few factors to consider. RV shower heads often need to be designed to fit in smaller spaces and might also require additional water pressure for a satisfactory shower experience. Additionally, since most vehicles have limited storage, finding a compact shower head that is still able to deliver a good amount of water force can be tricky.

When looking for a good RV showerhead, here are some features that you should look out for:

  • Size and shape of the head in relation to your space
  • Angle and flow options
  • Adjustable settings (warm/cold)
  • On/off switch or lever
  • Holder or hose attachments compatibility with existing equipment
  • Robustness of construction

The right head can significantly boost your RV’s hygiene level while taking up minimal room. So read our guide below for some tips on purchasing the perfect one for you!

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Types of RV Shower Heads

RV shower heads come in a wide range of varieties, from traditional arc-shaped models to modern rain shower head styles. No matter which type you choose for your RV, here are some important things to consider.

  • Arc Shower Head: An arc-shaped shower head has a long flexible neck and usually comes with an adjustable head that lets you direct the spray wherever you need it. These types of RV showers are great for awkward spaces and come in a range of sizes up to 8 inches.
  • High Pressure Shower Head: High pressure shower heads offer superior performance while providing a more refreshing and powerful spray than traditional options. They feature an aerator designed to help reduce water wastage while at the same time creating a pressure boosting effect on the flow rate.
  • Rain Shower Head: Rain shower heads give you the ultimate luxury spa experience. These modern fixtures are designed to mimic actual rainfall and radiate volumes of water for refreshment without splashing you with too much power spray or water droplets hitting your skin harder than necessary. Some rain showers also have adjustable height settings so that you can adjust the nozzle angle depending on your own height preferences or the needs of your family members using the same space.
  • Dual Shower Heads: Dual-shower head types offer two separate mounting points so that two people can enjoy their own spray patterns at once, no matter if they prefer different ones or just prefer different levels of intensity for their individual needs and wants when residing inside an RV at that given moment in time. Dual-showers make it possible for couples or families to all get what they want out of their shared space without having to compromise when it comes down to making decisions together within even one single area like bathing indoors inside an RV vehicle.

Benefits of Using an RV Shower Head

An RV shower head can provide many benefits to those looking for a way to improve their recreational vehicle’s bathing experience. For instance, RV shower heads have been designed with several features that can help to reduce water usage, boost water pressure and provide a better-than-average showering experience. Here are some of the top benefits of using an RV shower head:

  • More efficient water use: Instead of taking a full showerhead and using up gallons of water with each use, an RV shower head can be used to make sure that only the required amount of water is used during showers. By utilizing more efficient designs, this type of showerhead helps to save more than 50% on monthly water bills in some cases.
  • Better-than-average water pressure: Some areas struggle with low-pressure showers due to older plumbing systems. An RV shower head can help boost performance by utilizing internal mechanisms in the body that add force and pressure behind the streams of escaping water.
  • Convenient & adjustable flow rates: Many models come equipped with adjustable flow rates that allow users to customize the exact output they want flowing out of their RV showerhead at any given time. This feature makes it possible for people who have specific bathing requirements or preferences – such as times when a trickle or a strong jet is desired – to create their own comfort level right in their unit.
  • Improved temperature control: A basic model may also include temperature controls which allow users to select exact temperatures they’d like while bathing without having to reach outside and try adjusting knobs each time the desired temperature is reached or needs adjusting slightly due to external issues such as cold weather or changes throughout the season in general external temperatures levels inside the unit itself which affects how hot/cold one desires for their showers.

Factors to Consider When Buying an RV Shower Head

When evaluating the best RV shower head for your recreational vehicle, there are a number of factors to consider. With the multitude of brands, designs, styles and features available, choosing the right shower head can be overwhelming. To make the process simpler, here is a guide to help you choose a product that best meets your needs:

  • Size & Style: The size and style of RV shower heads range from compact to full-size models. There are many options such as hand-held units or fixed models with diverting valves. Consider which type best fits your particular needs and space requirements before buying.
  • Adjustability: Look for an adjustable shower head with a flexible arm that will let you angle the spray to suit your height and provides convenience when cleaning smaller surfaces or corners.
  • Pressure Levels: It’s important to know the water pressure inside your RV before making a purchase in order to ensure you get sufficient water flow in your shower head. Items designed with lower than average pressure output should be avoided as this could lead to inadequate volume from the unit itself over time.
  • Flow Restrictors: Depending on your local water regulations, some RV owners must adhere to flow restrictors on their fixture models which limits water usage through reduced power flow settings. Check if any local laws will influence what type/model of fixture you purchase before making any purchases or installation decisions regarding new fixtures in an RV setting.

Review of the Best RV Shower Heads for 2023

When it comes to RV life, showering can often be taken for granted as an essential part of our daily routine. As a result, finding the right RV shower head is essential in order to maximize comfort and minimize water and energy usage. With so many options on the market today, it can be difficult to know which shower head is best suited for your needs.

This guide takes a look at some of the most popular models for 2023, including features such as pressure levels, spray types, and more. From there you’ll be able to make an educated decision on what type of shower head is best suited for you and your RV.

The review starts off with a look at the Oxygenics Buddy 3-Spray Shower Head which offers a wide variety of adjustable options including spray settings ranging from an intense massage setting to gentle rain mode; all with low-water use design and anti-clog technology.

Next up is the Aqua Sense 2 GPM Shower Head which allows users to choose between four distinct spray settings –Drench Mode + Bubbles Mode + Cascade Spray or Massage Spray – while still providing great water efficiency with its 2 GPM rating. Additionally, this unit includes silicone nozzles that help prevent clogs while providing superior performance.

We also take a look at dual-function models like the DreamSpa Rainfall & Handheld Shower Head Combo Set, which has both a fixed overhead mount and removable handheld wand; perfect for cleaning or power rinsing multiple surfaces. This model features advanced LED lights that cycle through color changing sequences according to water temperature for added safety during use; it also has an eco-flow 1.5 GPM rated design allowing users to conserve resources without compromising results.

Finally, we have included one luxury space saving design–the Pulse 1045 Spa System–which offers users six body massage jets to provide gentle hydro therapy alongside its 8” Round Rainfall Head with eight individual jets for optimal coverage every time; plus SmartClick technology that makes changing between settings simple so you can get what you need done quickly without sacrificing performance.

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Installation Tips for RV Shower Heads

RV shower heads tend to come with just a few essential items like the head, mount and hose. However, if you take it upon yourself to install the RV shower head, there are a few tips that can make the job easier.

When installing your RV showerhead, be sure to first measure the space between your current setup and the new desired location. This will help ensure that you purchase the correct mounting size in order to accommodate both your RV’s wall material and its plumbing setup.

In addition, for best results, use a wrench or drill bit that is appropriate for your RV’s wall material as well as any fixtures that may come in contact with it during installation (such as any exposed piping). Generally speaking, an adjustable wrench should provide enough leverage for tightening down nuts and bolts properly.

Make sure to also use plumbing paste or joint compound when connecting tubes and pipes together to help seal them against leaks. Once everything is fitted together tightly, restore power to your water pump—which will turn onthe RV shower head—and test out the installation by running water through it. Once you’ve proven that everything works without any leaks or problems, double-check all of your connections before enjoying a refreshing shower!

Maintenance of RV Shower Heads

Properly maintaining your RV shower head is essential to getting the best performance out of it. This can help you save money, as well as make sure you always have a great shower experience. To properly maintain your RV shower head, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Regularly check the heads for any signs of wear and tear, and replace any worn parts.
  • Make sure that the water pressure is optimal for your head – if it’s too low, you won’t get a good shower experience.
  • Never store RV shower heads in wet environments – this can damage the seal and cause leaks.
  • Clean the surface of the head using a soft cloth and mild detergent to keep it looking new for longer.
  • If you’re using a removable sprayhead, rinse any shampoo or body wash residue from its outlets after each use to prevent deposits from forming inside.
  • Have your RV examined every 6 months or so by a professional service center to make sure all components are in proper working order.


In conclusion, choosing the best RV shower head for your needs can be a difficult task. You must consider the size of your shower space, your desired water flow and pressure as well as how easy it is to install, maintain and clean.

The type of material from which the shower head is made will also influence its performance and longevity. So once you have taken all these considerations into account you can make an informed choice about which type of RV shower head will be best for you in 2023.


What is the best shower head in a motorhome?

The best shower head in a motorhome will vary depending on personal preference and specific needs. Some popular options include the Oxygenics 92489 Fury RV Shower and the Builders Shoppe 4120WT RV Shower.

Do I need a special shower head for RV?

No, you do not need a special shower head for an RV, but there are RV-specific shower heads that are designed to be more compact and durable, and also have different mounting options.

What are the highest rated shower heads?

Some of the highest rated shower heads include the Moen S6345 Velocity Two-Function Rainshower Showerhead and the Delta 75152 3-Spray Shower Head.

How do I increase water pressure in my RV shower?

To increase water pressure in your RV shower, you can try cleaning the shower head, ensuring that the water lines are not clogged, or installing a high-pressure shower head.

Can you put a regular shower head in a camper?

Yes, you can put a regular shower head in a camper, but it may not be as durable or compact as an RV-specific shower head.

What is the most common problem with shower heads?

The most common problem with shower heads is a lack of water pressure, which can be caused by clogs or a lack of water flow.

What makes a shower head more powerful?

A shower head can be made more powerful by increasing the flow rate, using larger nozzles, or using air injection technology.

Is a higher flow rate shower head better?

A higher flow rate shower head can be better if you are looking for more water pressure, but it can also use more water and may not be suitable for all situations.

Which shape shower head is best?

The best shape of shower head is a matter of personal preference, but popular options include round, square, and rainfall styles.

What can be used on RV shower walls?

Some common materials that can be used on RV shower walls include tile, plastic, and fiberglass.

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