Delta Shower Heads with Handheld Combos: Features and Benefits

Are you looking for an efficient and reliable handheld shower head combo that offers a complete bathing experience?

Delta Shower Heads with Handheld combos provide the perfect solution! This comprehensive guide covers the features, benefits, and installation details of Delta Shower Heads with Handheld combos so you can make an informed purchase decision.

Welcome to the complete guide to Delta shower heads with handheld combos. Delta has long been known for its modern, stylish designs and reliable performance when it comes to bathroom fixtures. Combining style and comfort, Delta shower heads work with standard 1/2″ NPT pipe fittings and have a variety of spray settings to enhance your showering experience. They are also designed to minimize water waste while maximizing water flow and temperature control – making them perfect for eco-friendly bathrooms.

This guide is designed to provide you with all the details you need in order to make an informed decision when purchasing a shower head from Delta. It will outline the features, benefits, installation instructions, as well as answer any other questions or concerns you may have about Delta’s shower heads with handheld combos. Let’s get started!

Explanation of Delta shower heads with handheld combos

Delta shower heads with handheld combos offer consumers a range of features and benefits. This type of shower head allows the user to switch between fixed or handheld spray, or use both shower heads at the same time. Delta hand showers offer an adjustable spray pattern to provide an individually tailored experience, while the handshowers feature easy-to-use slip-on connections for easy installation and setup. This type of shower head can also be used with existing plumbing systems, making it ideal for both new and remodeled showers. By providing a combination of convenient features and versatile spray settings, users can enjoy superior performance that meets their exact needs.

Delta also offers a number of specialized designs to suit any décor or preference. For example, some models feature delta’s signature In2ition technology which combines the separate spray settings for increased convenience and comfort. When used together with Delta’s advanced pause control, users can experience exceptional control over water pressure with fingertip convenience allowing them to select just the right amount of flow depending on their preference or task at hand. The wide range of available finishes add style and sophistication to any bathroom, while providing durability that stands up over time against everyday use.

Brief overview of the features and benefits of Delta shower heads with handheld combos

Delta shower heads with handheld combos offer a variety of features and benefits designed to make your showering experience more enjoyable. These systems combine the convenience of having a shower head and handheld sprayer on one unit, allowing you to clean yourself or those hard-to-reach areas with ease.

Additionally, Delta showerheads with handheld combos feature several convenience elements such as adjustable flow rate and angle settings, as well as special spray patterns like massage or rain options. This can also save money on your water bill each month, since you can control the amount of water used during each shower. In addition to customizing the type of spray that comes out of the showerhead, these systems are also equipped with anti-scald technology to ensure that the temperature never exceeds a safe level for you and your family.

Furthermore, Delta Shower Heads offer durability features such as antimicrobial materials that resist mildew and rust. This helps protect from water damage over time and keep your bathroom looking glossy and neat for years to come. With easy installation options including wall mount and ceiling mount systems, these combo units can easily fit in any bathroom layout.

Importance of the guide

Shopping for a quality shower head and handheld combination can be a daunting task. Many products are available and they come with different features and added benefits.

This guide aims to provide the necessary information to make an informed buying decision, enabling you to enjoy the perfect shower experience in your home.

By reading this guide, you can familiarize yourself with all types of Delta shower heads with hand-held combo units, the features of each product, and the related benefits. You will learn the pricing range of all available models and get an idea of what is most suitable for your needs. You will also be better equipped to evaluate any proposed customer satisfaction ratings or customer reviews about each product on various websites before making a purchase decision.

Features of Delta Shower Heads with Handheld Combos

Delta shower heads with handheld combos offer a range of features suited for different personal tastes. From the easy installation of a Delta ball joint to the convenience of a Magnetic Docking System, the brands shower head features have something sure to please any homeowner.

The Delta Ball Joint allows for easy installation and customization by allowing users to loosen or tighten the hand-held shower wand or pause its movement as desired. The Magnetic Docking System is especially convenient, allowing for secure placement of the wand in its housing using magnets rather than brackets, nuts, and bolts. This system also allows for quick and efficient detachment when needed – perfect if you’re looking to use more than one showerhead in your bathroom.

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Delta’s patented H2Okinetic Technology produces larger water droplets that deliver more power while using less water over standard spray heads – perfect if you’re trying to conserve resources while still enjoying a powerful shower experience. Other helpful features include Pause Control that can limit water pressure to certain areas in need when used properly; Vacation Shut-Off button intended to keep your pipes from bursting while you’re away; and more!

Shower head and handheld combo design

A shower head and handheld combo is a convenient way to get the benefits of both a standard shower head and a handheld one. The combination creates a luxurious experience that can accommodate your shower needs while reducing water consumption. By combining the best features of both types, this style of shower head is easy to use, stylish, and versatile.

The majority of these combos are designed with two pieces: the main shower head and a detachable handheld unit. The handheld unit is connected to the main body via an adjustable arm with adjustable joints that allow for flexibility to hold it in place for any necessary modifications. This comes in handy when cleaning or rinsing off difficult-to-reach areas such as feet, legs, or anywhere else you might need extra focus. As the handheld unit protrudes from its mount on the wall, pressing buttons on its back enables you to alternate between different spray options—such as pulse mode or drench mode—depending on its design.

It’s also possible to use both pieces together at one time should you wish for more water pressure as desired.

Spray patterns and massage functions

Spray patterns and massage functions are great ways to control the type of showering experience you receive from a handheld showerhead. Spray patterns vary from the common rain-like full coverage to an angled spray for those hard-to-reach places. Massage functions allow users to customize the amount of pressure they feel while showering.

Most Delta universal showers heads come with three different types of spray patterns: Full Spray, Targeted Massage, and Mist Gentle Spray. The Full Spray gives full coverage throughout your shower area, making sure you’re always hydrated. The Targeted Massage is especially good for working out muscle aches or pains as you’re able to point the spray directly where you need it with smaller droplets aimed in specific areas giving a more focused massage like pressure that is ideal for those deeply rooted knots & tightness that regular showers can miss. The Mist Gentle Spray is a more gentle shower option providing an even, light mist of water perfect for getting just enough cleansing without being too intense so as not to disturb sensitive skin or anyone who may have suffered injury recently or be recovering from aftercare treatments.

Delta also incorporates high-flow technology in their handhelds that increases water pressure while maintaining a more efficient use of energy and resources in addition to using eco performance technology which provides water conserving options allowing maximal benefit with minimal resource use. In addition, some Delta models include steam generator compatibility for increased relaxation options as well as adjustable temperature limits and pause features designed for safety precautions such as limiting how hot the water could get if left running unattended or any other time it could pose potential hazard or risk if not manually monitored.

III. Benefits of Delta Shower Heads with Handheld Combos

Delta shower heads with handheld combos offer numerous benefits to homeowners. These multi-functional items can provide therapeutic, convenient and even money-saving advantages. Here are a few of the main benefits you’ll enjoy with these innovative products:

Therapeutic Benefits: Delta shower heads with handheld combos provide an invigorating spray setting to help loosen tight muscles, soothe aches and pains and get you feeling refreshed. The dual showering option also offers trickle settings for a gentle and luxurious massage-like experience.

Convenience Benefits: With a Delta shower head and handheld combo, you get 2 features in one system – one that’s mounted on the wall and one that’s secured to the flexible hose which allows it to be used at various positions in your bathroom. This ensures that everyone in your household – from kids to petite adults – will have perfect desired temperatures when taking a shower or bath. And with Delta’s locking feature, rest assured that the handle won’t detach when you’re adjusting the water temperature.

Money Savings Benefits: By reducing unwanted leakage or dispersal of water droplets outside or around showers stalls or tubs, Delta allows households save on expenses incurred on their utility bills due to the regulator installed within its patented valves.

Enhanced shower experience

A Delta shower head with a handheld combo offers an enhanced shower experience with a variety of features and benefits. Delta is known for their high quality, innovative products and their unique designs. The combination of a Delta shower head and hand held combo allows you to customize your shower experience, providing maximum control over water pressure and temperature, as well as convenience.

The most common features are the adjustable body sprayers, adjustable heads, adjustable arms and diverters which provide users with enhanced customization options. The adjustable arms can be used to direct the water flow towards different body parts while adding additional height to the user’s reach if needed. Diverters ensure that the water flows are directed safely away from any obstacles in order to prevent any potential leakages or damages. A great feature of Delta’s handheld combos is that they offer users variable speeds when dialing in their desired temperature or pressure level; this ensures a comfortable temperature and pressure even when there is fluctuating water supply levels.

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Another plus for Delta’s hand-held combos is that it comes with various different finishes so you can find one that complements your bathroom décor – from brushed nickel to oiled bronze – so you’re sure to find one which blends seamlessly into your bathroom style. Lastly, these products are also equipped with a unique magnetic docking system for superior security against blow offs during usage – making sure you don’t have to worry about floating accessories in your shower area! With all these features combined, it’s easy to understand why these combos are such popular additions for households around the globe!

Improved comfort and convenience

The Delta shower heads with handheld combo bring an added level of convenience and comfort to any bathroom. These combo showers include a traditional 12” rainhead and a 5” adjustable handheld shower, both of which can be used simultaneously or independently. This allows you to customize your shower experience to meet all of your needs, from a relaxing rainfall setting to clean-rinse settings for the days when you want an invigorating shower. You can even switch between settings on the fly for maximum versatility. Additionally, the combination design makes it easier to adjust the water pressure and temperature so that you can take full advantage of your entire space.

Another great benefit that this combo provides is improved accessibility. The removable handheld head allows you to reach areas in the tub or shower where no other fixtures would fit. This makes it easier for people of all ages and abilities to safely bathe or maneuver around as needed. The unit also includes a steady wall mount which keeps it secure and prevents slipping, giving extra stability while taking showers or pulls out if you need more space.

These shower heads with handheld combos make it easy to keep your bathroom up-to-date while adding style, convenience, and comfort to the space without sacrificing performance or budget—all at budget-friendly prices without skimping on quality components!


This guide has presented a review of the features and benefits of Delta showerheads with handheld combos. As you can see, these showers offer a wide range of benefits to suit any household needs. They provide superior water pressure and temperature control, come in an array of styles to meet any decor needs, and are easy to install. Additionally, their contemporary design ensures that they stand the test of time while providing functional use for many years to come.

If you desire a well-rounded showerhead option that blends style with innovation, then Delta showerheads with handheld combos are the perfect choice. With so many models available, there’s sure to be one that meets your bathroom’s unique needs. Check them out today for yourself and enjoy a luxurious bathing experience!


How does a combo shower head work?

A combo shower head typically has both a fixed shower head and a handheld shower head in one unit. It works by allowing the user to switch between the two heads, depending on their needs and preferences.

Are Delta shower heads good quality?

Delta shower heads are generally considered to be of good quality, with many users praising their durability, ease of use, and range of features.

How do you use a Delta shower head with a handheld?

To use a Delta shower head with a handheld, simply switch the water flow between the two heads using the diverter valve or switch that is built into the unit.

How does Delta shower head work?

Delta shower heads work by using a variety of technologies and features to provide a comfortable and customizable shower experience, including different spray patterns, adjustable water pressure, and easy installation.

What is the advantage of hand held shower head?

Handheld shower heads offer a number of advantages, including increased flexibility and control over the water flow, easier cleaning and rinsing, and the ability to target specific areas of the body.

What is a shower combo?

A shower combo typically refers to a shower head unit that includes both a fixed shower head and a handheld shower head, allowing the user to switch between the two depending on their needs.

What is the purpose of 2 shower heads?

The purpose of having two shower heads is to provide a more customizable and comfortable shower experience, allowing the user to switch between different spray patterns, adjust the water pressure, and target specific areas of the body.

What is the point of two shower heads?

The point of having two shower heads is to provide more flexibility and control over the water flow, allowing the user to create a more customized and enjoyable shower experience.

What makes a shower head more powerful?

A shower head can be made more powerful by increasing the water pressure, using larger or more numerous spray nozzles, and incorporating features such as massage or pulse modes.

Can you use a shower head and handheld at the same time?

In most cases, it is not possible to use a shower head and handheld shower at the same time, as the water pressure and flow rate are typically not sufficient to support both at once. However, some shower systems may be designed to allow for simultaneous use.

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